The moon crater Thiel is named after Walter Thiel. It is located on the far side of the moon and is not visible from earth.

  • Coordinates: 40° 42' N / 134° 30' W
  • Mean average : 32.0 km
  • Year of denomination : 1970

With Google Earth/Moon, Version 5, you can view the following images of the Thiel crater:

The source of the photos, according to Google, is “Image NASA/USGS/JAXA/SELENE”. Unfortunately it is not possible to determine the orbiter that took the photos.

In 1976 Thiel was one of the first pioneers to be inducted into the „Space Hall of Fame“ in Alamo­gordo, New Me­xico, USA.

Thiel in the "Space Hall of Fame", Alamogordo, New Mexico
(source: private collection of the Thiel family)
Sources: (coordinates) (install Google Earth Version 5 (without charge), choose "Moon" and type in "Thiel" in the “search” section. The photos seen above will then appear) (Walter Thiel in "Space Hall of Fame")