Thiel started working in Kummerdorf in autumm 1936 and all topics regarding the engine were assigned to Thiel. Thiel advanced the propulsion in a very short time. In his paper “Empirische und theoretische Grundla­gen zur Neuberechnung von Öfen und Ver­suchsdaten, Schießplatz Kummersdorf Vers. West“, that he pre­sented on April 27, 1937, Thiel introduces develop­ments that lead to decisive changes, including a shortening of the oven and an optimization of the injection nozzle. You will find detailed information about Thiel's technical developements in the section "Research-Results".

Furthermore, Thiel continued to research different fuel mixtures for the rocket engines. He considered himself as a researcher and scientist, and he was looking for close cooperation with university insti­tutes. Due to the confidentiality regulations of the HWA Thiel was not allowed to collaborate unrestrict­edly with the universities. This only loosened up at the beginning of the war.

Thiel was happy in Kummersdorf. He and his family were living in a newly built house in a 5-room apart­ment with a garden, and he bought his first car, an Opel Olympia.

In 1937 the first scientists moved from Kummers­dorf to Peenemünde. As the test stations were not ready yet, Thiel and his team stayed in Kummersdorf. This provided independence, Thiel was now working on his own, and very successfully. In mid 1940 test stand I was completed, and he also moved to Usedom.